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October 28, 1996

Awards and Honors

Lynda Goff, professor of biology, is the new president of the Phycological Society of America, a scientific organization that promotes the study of algae. Goff's appointment took effect in July during the 50th annual meeting of the society, which Goff hosted at UCSC. The meeting attracted more than 350 scientists from around the world.

Chemistry professor Todd Wipke has been chosen as one of eight distinguished graduates of the St. Charles (Missouri) School District to receive an award by the school district's foundation. The winners were chosen for their renown in their fields and their contributions to their communities. The awards will be presented at a special dinner on November 22. in St. Charles.

Economics professor Donald Wittman has been honored for his book The Myth of Democratic Failure, which has been named the Best Book in Political Economy for 1993-96 by the American Political Science Association. In the book, published in 1995 by the University of Chicago Press, Wittman uses economic analysis to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of democratic government and concludes that government is as efficient as the private sector.