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October 21, 1996

New Faculty

[Picture of Theodore Holman] Theodore Holman
Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Theodore Holman uses chemical and biochemical techniques to study the biological functions of enzymes that contain iron or other metal atoms. Two of his current projects explore metalloproteins that regulate heme biosynthesis and play key roles in the formation of fatty plaques that can trigger heart disease. Holman earned his B.A. from UC San Diego and his Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota at Minneapolis, both in chemistry. He worked previously at Harvard Medical School, Syntex Pharmaceuticals, and UC Riverside.

[Picture of Manuel Pastor] Manuel Pastor
Professor of Social Sciences (Latin American and Latino Studies)

Manuel Pastor, who earned his B.A. in economics and creative writing here in 1978, returns to UCSC as a professor of social sciences and chair of the Latin American and Latino studies program. His two research interests are Latin American macroeconomic stabilization and urban political economy. Regarding Latin America, Pastor is comparing the economic crises of Mexico and Argentina, studying Cuban economic reform, and examining peace and economic development in El Salvador. Pastor, who was a professor of economics and director of the International and Public Affairs Center at Occidental College, has also done "solution-oriented research" in Los Angeles, studying community organizing and economic development in the city's poor neighborhoods.