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Volume 1
Number 24
Mar. 31-April 6, 1997


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Banana Slug Spring Fair coming April 19
[Design Banana Slug Spring Fair logo]
Alumni, current and prospective students, and their families and friends will come to the campus on Saturday, April 19, for the Banana Slug Spring Fair.

Does buying a Volvo really put U.S. autoworkers out of work?
[Photo of Lori Kletzer]
Economists disagree. At UCSC, labor economist Lori Kletzer is embarking on a 12-month research project designed to improve our understanding of the impact of free trade on American jobs.

UCSC hosts second Scholars Day
[Photo of professor Michael Warren and prospective 
student talking]
Professor of literature Michael Warren discusses the Literature Board's new "intensive" major with a prospective student at the recent Scholars Day. (Photos)

"Language that dare not speak its name"
Commentary by linguist Geoffrey Pullum on the Oakland school board's recent decision on Ebonics--and on the firestorm it created--appeared in the March 27 issue of Nature magazine.

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