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Contact a member of the Tsunami Relief Committee.

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Banda Aceh - Before / After Tsunami

Chancellor forms tsunami relief committee
In response to the devastating tsunami that killed an estimated 150,000 and has left more than 5 million more people homeless, Acting Chancellor Martin M. Chemers has appointed a task force to coordinate various aspects of campus support for the victims and their families. [More]

Photos: The tsunami's devastation is illustrated in the "before" and "after" satellite images, above, of the Indonesian city of Banda Aceh. (Images courtesy of DigitalGlobe)


How to make a donation
With more than five million homeless after the catastrophe, a large number of relief organizations worldwide are rushing emergency supplies to the devastated Bay of Bengal region.

Campus resources
Counseling & Psychological Services
Office of International Education

Related events
Trustees from UCSC's Foundation Board helped plan a major relief event that featured author Deepak Chopra, Grammy-nominated Lisa Loeb, and a taped appearance from Bill Clinton; UCSC also was a cosponsor. The event, one of a number of benefit activities planned or recently held involving UCSC people and programs, raised raised more than $1.5 million.
A memorial noting the one-month anniversary of the tsunami was held on January 26; see slide show (.mov file) of activity.

Related research
Using sophisticated computational techniques to simulate the tsunami, research geophysicist Steven Ward created an animated movie showing the tsunami waves spreading out through the Indian Ocean from the site of the powerful earthquake that triggered them
In an event held in mid-January, the Department of Earth Sciences hosted a discussion of the recent earthquake and tsunami in South Asia.