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UC Santa Cruz approves new major in Jewish Studies

Jun 24, 2010 Jewish Studies at UCSC had its origins in the mid-1980s after a campus visit by Schindler's List survivor Leopold Page--nearly a decade before Steven Spielberg's Academy Award-winning film....

Where's the beef? Dining makes moves toward meatless meals

Jun 17, 2010 UC Santa Cruz has embraced the "Meatless Mondays" dining trend, which is sweeping through learning institutions from elementary to graduate schools. "Everyone in the feeding business is involved in a...

Students celebrate and remember during 2010 commencement exercises

Jun 14, 2010 Friday's commencement ceremonies at East Field were a blend of jubilation, reflection, and relief as hundreds of scholars posed for photographs and capped off their studies at UC Santa Cruz. ...

Health sciences major awarded Sutter scholarship for medical school

Jun 9, 2010 Max Caccese, 23, was chosen to receive this year's Primary Care Physician Award. Caccese will receive a $10,000 scholarship....

Student Achievement Week honors outstanding scholars

Jun 8, 2010 The campus capped off its annual Student Achievement Week with a prestigious award ceremony recognizing the outstanding achievements of students and instructors....

Women's Club awards $20,000 in scholarships to re-entry students

May 10, 2010 The UCSC Women's Club, a campus Friends organization, awarded $20,000 in scholarships to re-entry students at UC Santa Cruz this year, a record for the club in terms of the number of scholarships...

Bratt brothers bring a little Hollywood to Santa Cruz

Apr 26, 2010 Alumnus and filmmaker Peter Bratt and his brother, TV and movie star Benjamin Bratt, were in town and on campus recently as part of the local premiere of La Mission. ...

UC Santa Cruz grad Peter Bratt returns to premiere La Mission

Apr 20, 2010 Filmmaker Peter Bratt returns to UC Santa Cruz Friday as part of the local premiere of La Mission, his heartfelt portrait of San Francisco's Mission District, the neighborhood where he grew...

Tennis coach Bob Hansen consistently serves up national champs

Apr 6, 2010 Bob Hansen may just be the country's best-kept collegiate coaching secret....

Student profile: Christian Schwarz--a fascination with fungi

Mar 18, 2010 Christian Schwarz is a senior ecology and evolution major with a passion for all things that fly, swim, run, or grow--but his soft spot is fungi....

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