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Summer interns gain research experience in Silicon Valley nanotech labs

Aug 24, 2010 Dozens of students gained valuable experience in nanotechnology and energy research labs this summer through an internship program at the Advanced Studies Laboratories (ASL), a collaborative...

UCSC professors to present New Orleans lecture on five-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina at SF Jazz Heritage Center

Aug 20, 2010 August 29 marks the five-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina hitting the Crescent City. As part of a celebration of New Orleans at the San Francisco Jazz Heritage Center, UCSC professors Lewis...

Not one, but two great earthquakes caused 2009 Samoa-Tonga tsunami disaster

Aug 18, 2010 Scientists studying the massive earthquake that struck the South Pacific on September 29, 2009, have found that it actually involved two great earthquakes: an initial one with magnitude 8.1, which...

Campus gets high honors in Sierra Club Coolest Schools rankings

Aug 16, 2010 UC Santa Cruz has received high-profile reassurance that its sustainability efforts are paying off. This month, Sierra Magazine and the Princeton Review both recognized UCSC as a green leader. ...

Biologist Amy Ralston wins Ellison Medical Foundation grant for stem cell research

Aug 16, 2010 The Ellison Medical Foundation has selected UCSC biologist Amy Ralston as a New Scholar in Aging, providing $400,000 over four years to support her research on the biology of stem cells. ...

UC Santa Cruz researchers win $580,000 grant to document educational success stories

Aug 12, 2010 Two UC Santa Cruz education researchers will study successful school organizations and teaching approaches for engaging urban low-income Latino high school students in academically challenging work...

UCSC research in international economics ranked 7th globally

Aug 12, 2010 The UC Santa Cruz Economics Department was ranked seventh in the world in July -- and sixth among all academic institutions -- for research in international finance, according to an analysis of...

Protein structure reveals how tumor suppressor turns on and off

Aug 10, 2010 New findings by UCSC cancer researchers reveal the molecular mechanisms involved in opening and closing a gate that controls the cycle of cell growth and division....

Bats facing regional extinction in the northeast from rapidly spreading disease, UCSC researcher finds

Aug 5, 2010 A new infectious disease spreading rapidly across the northeastern United States has killed millions of bats and is predicted to cause regional extinction of a once-common bat species, according to...

Authors of new book about Grateful Dead's marketing approach to donate one fourth of advance and royalties to UC Santa Cruz

Aug 4, 2010 Inspired by a thought-provoking feature article by Joshua Green in the March issue of Atlantic magazine titled Management Secrets of the Grateful Dead, Boston writers David Meerman...

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