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Undergrads travel straight to the heart of Middle East conflict: Chancellor helps fund Olive Tree Initiative

Aug 20, 2010 Two UCSC politics majors want to understand the Arab-Israeli conflict--but they refuse to put their blind trust in TV, blogs, and newspaper coverage. Instead, they want to fly more than 7,000 miles...

Politics professor named campus director of UC Washington, D.C., program

Aug 3, 2010 Eva Bertram, associate professor of politics, will become the new UC Santa Cruz campus director for the UC Washington Program (UCDC)....

UCSC grad's Washington Post articles investigate 'Top Secret America'

Jul 19, 2010 The first installment of "Top Secret America," co-written by UC Santa Cruz alumna Dana Priest, sparked an atmosphere of anxious anticipation in Washington D.C. and across the country long before it...

UCSC professor examines how dysfunctional politics drive defense spending up

Jul 7, 2010 In a new book, UC Santa Cruz professor Daniel Wirls writes that the "peace dividend" the nation was supposed to enjoy after the end of the Cold War was hijacked by dysfunctional national security...

Articles by UCSC alumna Dana Priest named in top 10 for the decade

Apr 7, 2010 A two-part series by Washington Post reporter Dana Priest, a 1981 UC Santa Cruz graduate, on the woeful treatment of wounded war veterans, was named one of the top 10 works of journalism of...

Economic meltdown prompts a rethinking of capitalism

Mar 30, 2010 Two dozen scholars from around the world will gather at UC Santa Cruz April 8-10 to explore the social and political effects of modern-day capitalism and the global economy in light of esoteric...

Politics professor's new book explores branding in big-city politics

Mar 15, 2010 A new book by politics professor Eleonora Pasotti explores the emergence of "brand" politics taking hold in cities that have historically been entrenched in poor government, patronage, corruption,...

Alum Sol Lipman popularizes 12-second "video tweets"

Oct 20, 2009 Alum Sol Lipman launched the popular 12mail app for iPhone, making it easier than ever to share short video clips on Facebook and Twitter....

One year later, campus-community relations 'fundamentally changed' by landmark agreement

Jul 27, 2009 Every time Santa Cruz City Councilman Ryan Coonerty fields a call from another college town mired in conflict with its local campus, he is reminded of how far Santa Cruz has come in its relations...

Alumna author Azadeh Moaveni analyzes events in Iran

Jul 20, 2009 Alumna author Azadeh Moaveni has been providing commentary and analysis on events in Iran. ...

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