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Ocean Sciences

Scientists aim to predict toxic algal blooms in California's coastal waters

Jul 21, 2010 After years of studying and monitoring harmful algal blooms in California's coastal waters, Raphael Kudela is trying to predict when toxin-producing algae will strike again....

Seymour Center honors alumna Kathryn Sullivan with Global Oceans Award

Mar 7, 2010 The Seymour Center at Long Marine Laboratory will honor former astronaut Kathryn D. Sullivan at the Global Oceans Awards Gala....

Pioneering marine mammal scientist Ronald Schusterman dies at age 77

Feb 21, 2010 Ronald Schusterman, a pioneering marine mammal scientist, died on February 11 at Stanford Hospital after a brief hospitalization. He was 77....

Genome analysis of marine microbe reveals a metabolic minimalist

Feb 20, 2010 An unusual marine microbe appears to have ditched several major metabolic pathways, leaving it with a remarkably reduced set of genes....

UCSC ranked among top 20 worldwide in geosciences

Feb 7, 2010 In a recent survey of the top institutions in geosciences, UCSC ranked 18th in the world....

IMS director Gary Griggs and alumna Julie Packard named 2009 California Coastal Heroes

Aug 24, 2009 Sunset magazine and the California Coastal Commission have named Gary Griggs and Julie Packard among their 2009 California Coastal Heroes....

Volunteers keep watch as urban falcons embark on first flights

Jun 2, 2009 As young peregrine falcons prepare to take their first flights in San Francisco and San Jose, volunteers watch from sidewalks and rooftops to help the birds if they get into trouble....

Third grader's question about soccer fields leads to UCSC science lab

May 15, 2009 Third-grader Claire Dworsky is investigating her own questions about water quality in Adina Paytan's laboratory at UCSC....

Scientists develop new technology for tracking algal toxins

May 7, 2009 A new tool for tracking algal toxins is under development at UCSC....

Dedicated marine mammal volunteers save oiled otter

Mar 25, 2009 When a young sea otter was found on the beach covered with tar balls and slick oil, volunteers with the Marine Mammal Physiology Project sprang into action....

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