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Teaching computers the nuances of human conversation

Sep 11, 2014 Computer scientist Marilyn Walker wants to make spoken dialogue systems more responsive to the user.

Undergraduates present work at Summer Research Symposium

Aug 20, 2014 Research presentations featured UCSC students in a range of disciplines and others who came to UCSC for summer projects.

Grad student unites personal passion and programming skills to help others

Aug 18, 2014 Computer science graduate student Lourdes Morales is working to help others with disabilities use technology.

Novel chip-based platform could simplify measurements of single molecules

Aug 13, 2014 A nanopore-gated optofluidic chip combines electrical and optical measurements of single molecules onto a single platform

Cancer study reveals powerful new system for classifying tumors

Aug 7, 2014 One in ten cancer patients would be classified differently using a new classification system based on molecular subtypes.

NIH awards $2 million to UCSC group for DNA sequencing research

Aug 6, 2014 Biomolecular engineer Mark Akeson leads efforts to develop nanopore technology for DNA sequencing.

UC Santa Cruz Internet access project wins University of California IT award

Aug 5, 2014 A UC Santa Cruz project to bring broadband Internet services to underserved communities in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties has won a University of California award for information technology.

Global Alliance for Genomics and Health unveils new genomics interface

Jul 31, 2014 The Global Alliance for Genomics and Health has released a new Application Programming Interface (API) for seamless sharing of genomic data.

UCSC graduate student is a new kind of storyteller

Jun 26, 2014 Aaron Reed's award-winning games use computer technology to explore the possibilities of interactive fiction.

Carving out their niche

Jun 17, 2014 Alumni business partners find Kickstarter enthusiasm for their creation — a programmable desktop 3-D router with a consumer-friendly a price tag.

Student entrepreneurs pitch business ideas developed at UC Santa Cruz

Jun 10, 2014 The Entrepreneurship Showcase in Silicon Valley featured cash prizes, networking, and real-world business challenges for students.

Huffman Prize winner approaches bioengineering with an artist's eye

Jun 4, 2014 Payam Yousefi, who graduates in June with a B.S. in bioengineering and a minor in bioinformatics, is the 2014 Huffman Prize winner.

Corporate-sponsored projects give engineering students valuable experience

Jun 2, 2014 UCSC engineering students presented their corporate-sponsored senior design projects to mentors and faculty

UCSC research helps extend Internet backbone in Santa Cruz, Monterey counties

May 28, 2014 A survey of unmet broadband needs by UC Santa Cruz information technology experts proved key to the approval last month of a $10.6 million state grant to extend a fiber optic Internet backbone from into the Salinas Valley.

UCSC honors Jack Baskin with a plaque at the Baskin School of Engineering

May 23, 2014 Campus leaders honored Jack Baskin for his many contributions to the Baskin School of Engineering in a ceremony on Thursday.

Focus on excellence: Student Achievement Week recognizes outstanding work

May 20, 2014 Student Achievement Week from June 2-6 honors high academic achievement and creativity. Highlights include a science and mathematics poster symposium and the 40th annual Print Sale.

UCSC data storage researchers tackle practical problems

May 20, 2014 In the rapidly evolving field of data storage, UCSC has been a leading academic research center for more than a decade.

Wireless camera network offers new possibilities for security systems

May 19, 2014 A prototype solar-powered device developed at UCSC has potential applications for security cameras and wildlife monitoring in remote areas.

Awards recognize top presentations at Graduate Research Symposium

May 12, 2014 Graduate students from all divisions shared their research at the 10th Annual Graduate Research Symposium.

UCSC engineer focuses on assistive technology for people with disabilities

May 8, 2014 Roberto Manduchi applies computer vision technology to develop products that address daily challenges faced by visually impaired people.

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