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Teaching computers the nuances of human conversation

Sep 11, 2014 Computer scientist Marilyn Walker wants to make spoken dialogue systems more responsive to the user.

Grad student unites personal passion and programming skills to help others

Aug 18, 2014 Computer science graduate student Lourdes Morales is working to help others with disabilities use technology.

UCSC graduate student is a new kind of storyteller

Jun 26, 2014 Aaron Reed's award-winning games use computer technology to explore the possibilities of interactive fiction.

Corporate-sponsored projects give engineering students valuable experience

Jun 2, 2014 UCSC engineering students presented their corporate-sponsored senior design projects to mentors and faculty

UCSC data storage researchers tackle practical problems

May 20, 2014 In the rapidly evolving field of data storage, UCSC has been a leading academic research center for more than a decade.

Red Hat to acquire Inktank, a cloud storage company with UCSC roots

Apr 30, 2014 Software provider Red Hat will acquire Inktank, a data storage company with origins in a UCSC research project, for $175 million.

UCSC's 'Project Awesome' supports women in computing

Mar 17, 2014 Project Awesome is an ongoing effort to recruit and retain more women students in computer science and computer engineering.

UC Santa Cruz ranked among top schools for game design

Mar 11, 2014 The game design programs at UCSC were named among the top programs in the country by the Princeton Review.

UCSC engineering students find inspiration in eBay scholarship program

Feb 21, 2014 A team of engineering students has developed promising new approaches for doing online shopping from mobile devices

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