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Media Highlights

November 2006

This summary highlights media placements members of the UCSC community have garnered during the month of November 2006. (See document with media outlets highlighted in bold.)

National and international

Astronomer Steven Vogt was featured in an article in Discover magazine about the search for Earthlike planets, and a cover story on planet hunters in Smithsonian magazine includes quotes from astronomer Gregory Laughlin. Both stories were written by Robert Irion, director of UCSC's Science Communication Program. . . . The Buffalo News described Language Log, a blog created by linguistics professor Geoffrey Pullum and University of Pennsylvania phonetics professor Mark Liberman, in a story about the linguistic crimes and misdemeanors committed by politicians. . . . Marcia Ochoa of community studies was featured in Ultimas Noticias, a major Caracas daily newspaper. She was in Venezuela to deliver the keynote address during a recent conference. . . . UCSC researchers are well represented in the December issue of Sky & Telescope magazine. The lead news story features new research on distant galaxies by astronomers Garth Illingworth and Rychard Bouwens, while astrophysicist Stan Woosley is quoted in two other news stories on supernovae and gamma-ray bursts. The cover story is an article on cosmology by physicist Anthony Aguirre, who is featured in a video interview on the magazine's web site. . . . A New York Times story about the Hubble Space Telescope included a quote from astronomer Sandra Faber. . . . John Brown Childs of sociology was featured in an interview by the Pacific Radio Network's "Informed Dissent Election Special Program," during which he discussed the impact of grassroots transcommunal cooperation among diverse communities and organizations in election year mobilizations. . . . The Washington Times reviewed the recent book by physicists Bruce Rosenblum and Fred Kuttner, The Quantum Enigma. . . . James Zachos, professor of Earth and planetary sciences, was quoted in a New Yorker magazine article about the effects of carbon dioxide emissions on ocean chemistry. . . . Sociology's Dane Archer, an expert on nonverbal communication, was featured in a New York Times article about the touchy issue of personal space--those invisible zones people create around themselves to avoid intimacy. Archer discussed several of his research projects and weighed in on important cultural differences in preferences for personal space. . . . Jonathan Zehr, professor of ocean sciences, was quoted in a story about the microbial world that ran in various McClatchy newspapers, including the Charleston Gazette, Kansas City Star, and Minneapolis Star Tribune. . . . Research by geophysicists Robert Coe and Gary Glatzmaier on reversals of Earth's magnetic field was the subject of a story in Discovery News. . . . The Buffalo News and Birder's World magazine ran feature stories about the sooty shearwater migrations documented by biologist Scott Shaffer.

State and regional

The Los Angeles Times quoted David Wellman of community studies in its coverage of a $2.7 million settlement of a racial harassment lawsuit filed by a firefighter. Wellman was hired by the firefighter's attorney to review department records of discrimination complaints. . . . Eureka's Times-Standard ran a story about an appearance by history of consciousness professor Angela Davis at Humboldt State University as one of the keynote speakers of the campus's Dialogue on Race. . . . Michael Loik of environmental studies was featured in a lengthy Contra Costa Times article about how gardens can incorporate the Golden State's water woes into their landscaping plans. Loik also appeared in the Santa Cruz Sentinel article about Lisa Sloan's work on how climate change could impact the Central Coast. . . . Geophysicist Steven Ward was featured in a San Francisco Chronicle story about Crescent City's vulnerability to tsunamis.


Literature professor Nathaniel Mackey was quoted in a Santa Cruz Sentinel front-page story announcing that he won the 2006 National Book Award in poetry for his collectionSplay Anthem. His award was cited in newspapers throughout the country, including the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Philadelphia Inquirer, Baltimore Sun, and San Jose Mercury News. . . . Acting Chancellor George Blumenthal was interviewed on the KUSP program Talk of the Bay about town-gown relations, student protests, campus growth, and other challenges facing the university (listen). . . . The Santa Cruz Sentinel ran a full-page feature story and Metro Santa Cruz wrote an extensive cover story on Intimate Politics, the new memoir by nationally renowned feminist studies professor Bettina Aptheker. . . . The Santa Cruz Sentinel ran a story about astronomer Michael Bolte, who was recently appointed director of UC Observatories/Lick Observatory. . . . The Mid-County Post ran a story about research by environmental toxicologist Donald Smith on lead poisoning in condors. . . . The Santa Cruz Sentinel noted the publication of Bodies in the Making, a new book of essays coedited by UC professors Helene Moglen and Nancy Chen, based on a conference presented by UCSC's Institute for Advanced Feminist Research. . . . Garth Illingworth was also featured in a front-page story in the Santa Cruz Sentinel about the Hubble Space Telescope. . . . Professor of literature Rob Wilson was quoted in a Metro Santa Cruz feature about his participation in a Veterans Day poetry reading and the tradition of antiwar poetry in the United States. . . . The Santa Cruz Sentinel ran a front-page story about the potential local impacts of climate change, focusing on research led by Lisa Sloan, professor of Earth and planetary sciences, and also featuring biologists Mark Carr and Pete Raimondi. . . . Mary Silver, professor of ocean sciences, was featured in a story in the Santa Cruz Sentinel about red tides and whether they affect surfers. . . . David Haussler, professor of biomolecular engineering, was quoted in a story in the Santa Cruz Sentinel about the use of DNA analysis to study human evolution.

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