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Media Highlights

January 2006

This summary highlights media placements members of the UCSC community have garnered during the month of January 2006. (See document with media outlets highlighted in bold.)

National and international

The New York Times ran a story about research by Earth scientists Erik Asphaug, Quentin Williams, and postdoc Craig Agnor on the role of hit-and-run collisions. The story also ran in Astrobiology magazine, Discovery News, Universe Today, the Santa Cruz Sentinel. MSNBC, Scripps-Howard News Service, the Redding Record-Searchlight, Knoxville News Sentinel, Space.com, Innovations Report, Spaceflight Now, and PhysOrg.com. . . . Research breakthroughs by anthropologists Adrienne Zihlman and Debra Bolter were featured in an Asian Tribune article about the evolutionary split between apes and humans. . . . David Deamer, professor of chemistry and biochemistry, was featured in a story in New Scientist magazine about research on the origins of life. . . . Time magazine quoted sociology professor Craig Reinarman in a story about drug use among baby boomers. . . . The Seattle Times ran a column about U.S. immigration policy that relied heavily on the insights of Manuel Pastor of Latin American and Latino studies, who described the "catch-22" for would-be migrants who face the prospect of years of bureaucratic delay if they apply for legal entry or the threat of deportation if they enter the country illegally. . . . Theater arts/dance professor Mark Franko was cited in a New York Times article about Radio City Music Hall's Rockettes. . . . David Haussler, professor of biomolecular engineering, was quoted in an article in Forbes magazine about "dark" DNA. . . . In an Associated Press story about Home & Garden Television's annual Dream Home contest that got wide media play, Anthony Pratkanis of psychology discussed the intoxicating effect of the contest that plays on people's fantasies about their lives. The story appeared in numerous newspapers, including the Miami Herald, Myrtle Beach Sun-News, and Wilkes Barre Times Leader. . . . An Associated Press reporter interviewed Jonathan Fox of Latin American and Latino studies for a story about the health care needs of indigenous Mexican immigrants to California. The story cited UCSC research regarding the number of immigrants from Mexico's 60 Indian groups. . . . A New York Times travel story about Santa Cruz included plugs for the UCSC Arboretum ("glorious collection of gardens, which are a magnet for hummingbirds") and the Seymour Marine Discovery Center ("this superb small aquarium offers a peek at Monterey Bay's exotic animals"). . . . A study of star formation in galaxies led by astronomers Kai Noeske and David Koo was reported by Space Ref and PhysOrg.com. . . . Assistant professor of film and digital media L. S. Kim was quoted in a Chicago Tribune article about how Hollywood films reinforce stereotypes of Asian women. . . . Paul Ortiz of community studies was interviewed by Latino Voices USA about the United Farm Workers. The program aired on National Public Radio stations around the country and is archived on the web at www.latinousa.org/program/index.html. Ortiz was also interviewed by Ohio NPR station WOSU about the making of the book Remembering Jim Crow as part of the station's Black History Month programming; it is archived at www.wosu.org/am/openline.php#andrle. . . . In an article in the Lawrence Kansas Journal World, sociologist Craig Reinarman said the disparity in penalties for those convicted of using crack cocaine and powder cocaine have more to do with racism than pharmacology. . . . New Teacher Center director Ellen Moir discussed the importance of mentoring and on-the-job training for new teachers in articles that appeared in the Rochester Democrat and Cincinnati Enquirer, among other newspapers. The Chicago Sun-Times also featured the New Teacher Center in a column coauthored by Richard Riley, former U.S. secretary of education, about the urgent need to keep new teachers working in the profession. . . . Research on biochemical pathways involved in metabolism and body weight control from the lab of Glenn Millhauser, professor of chemistry and biochemistry, was covered in Biotech Week, Life Science Weekly, Health & Medicine Week, Obesity & Diabetes Week, and other weekly newsletters. . . . In a story about the significance of race among the generation dubbed "millennials," the Dallas Morning News quoted Pamela Perry of community studies, who has studied the racial identities of high school students. . . . India Business Standard noted that UCSC's Satyajit Ray Film and Study Collection has successfully restored 15 of the late Indian director's films. . . . Psychology professor Avril Thorne's research on autobiographical memory was featured in an article in Psychology Today. . . . History of consciousness and women's studies professor Angela Davis appeared on Democracy Now! to discuss the California execution of Stanley Tookie Williams. . . . The Santa Fe New Mexican ran a feature story on the painting of Art Department lecturer Tim Craighead. . . . Professor of literature Richard Terdiman was quoted in Education Technology News about UC libraries making portions of their collection freely accessible on an Internet archive. . . . Alan Chadwick Garden manager Orin Martin was quoted in the Waldoboro (Maine) Village Soup about changing weather patterns. . . . Professor Emeritus Bill Domhoff of psychology was tapped for his expertise on dreams for a story that appeared in the Charlotte Observer. . . . Economist Federico Ravenna's participation in an Allied Social Science Associations seminar was covered by Main Wire.

State and regional

A request by Chancellor Denice D. Denton and Campus Provost David S. Kliger that federal elected officials investigate the alleged secret monitoring on college campuses, including a protest of military recruiters at UCSC last spring, was covered by numerous media outlets, including the San Jose Mercury News and the Santa Cruz Sentinel. (A San Jose congresswoman, Rep. Zoe Lofgren, subsequently asked the inspector general of the Department of Defense to investigate whether the Pentagon overstepped legal bounds in gathering domestic intelligence and maintaining a database on U.S. residents.) In addition, Chancellor Denton was quoted in a San Jose Mercury News article about the "State of the Valley Conference" on the future of Silicon Valley. The story also ran in the Monterey County Herald, Miami Herald, Kansas City Star, Duluth News Tribune, and other newspapers. . . . Michael Hutchison, economics professor and interim dean of social sciences, was a guest on Forum, KQED Radio's public affairs program, discussing the Japanese economy and the recent stock market fiasco there. . . . Bruce Bridgeman of psychology made a big splash in the San Jose Mercury News, which pulled out all the stops to cover his research on perception at the Mystery Spot. The story included five photos and four illustrations that explained the science behind the popular tourist destination. . . . Mike Males of sociology was profiled in the Los Angeles Times Magazine. The story focused on Males's uphill battle to redirect attention from what he considers the overstated problems of teens to the demographic time bomb of Baby Boomers, who are more prone than ever to violence, sexually transmitted disease, drug abuse, and weight problems. Males also penned an opinion piece for the San Francisco Chronicle about teen suicide, noting that teens in the San Francisco Bay Area have one of the lowest suicide rates of any population in the United States, down dramatically since 1970. . . . Susanne Jonas of Latin American and Latino studies was interviewed by KPFA Radio's Kris Welch about new developments throughout Latin America and U.S. responses to them. . . . Los Angeles Daily News coverage of plans to conduct a town meeting about a landfill in Spanish included comments from Manuel Pastor of Latin American and Latino studies, who endorsed the decision to reach out to Spanish-speaking residents. . . . John Pearse, professor emeritus of biology, was featured in a front-page story in the San Francisco Chronicle on the effects of global warming on the California coast (the first of a three-part series). . . . The Contra Costa Times ran a story about the New Teacher Center's work with novice teachers. . . . The San Francisco Chronicle noted that associate professor of literature Louis Chude-Sokei is the lead scholar working with the new San Francisco Museum of the African Diaspora to plan a conference in March titled “Paris Is Burning Again.”. . . Research biologist Janet Leonard was quoted in a San Diego Union-Tribune obituary for renowned neuroscientist Ted Bullock. . . . UCSC's Arts & Lectures was lauded in a San Jose Mercury News article describing the 10 best classical concerts of 2005 for its presentation of the So Percussion ensemble. . . . Assistant professor of art Lewis Watts was featured in the Sunday Datebook section of the San Francisco Chronicle about an exhibition at the S.F. Performing Arts Library & Museum, co-curated by Watts and Elizabeth Pepin, based on their new book Harlem of the West: The San Francisco Fillmore Jazz Era.


The Santa Cruz Sentinel featured Chancellor Denton in a year-end series the newspaper published on 2005 newsmakers. . . . Community studies lecturer Mike Rotkin was profiled by the Santa Cruz Sentinel. . . . Music professor and department chair Leta Miller was quoted in a Santa Cruz Sentinel article about Ariose Singers, the 16-member chamber choir she founded in 2001. . . . The Santa Cruz Good Times and the Santa Cruz Metro published cover stories on Robert F. Kennedy Jr., noting that UCSC's Arts & Lectures program was presenting his lecture appearance at the Civic Auditorium. The Metro also ran a story on the Arts & Lectures performance by virtuoso mandolinists Chris Thile and Mike Marshall, along with the Good Times, Santa Cruz Sentinel, and Register-Pajaronian. . . . John Brown Childs of sociology appeared on KUSP's Talk of the Bay program to discuss his new book, Hurricane Katrina, which includes essays by a number of UCSC faculty and affiliates. . . . The Monterey County Herald ran a story about Todd Newberry, professor emeritus of biology, and his new book, The Ardent Birder. . . . The Santa Cruz Sentinel quoted associate professor of literature Christopher Connery in a story on a conference hosted by UCSC's Center for Cultural Studies about Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans. The article also noted a photo exhibit featured at the conference by assistant professor of art Lewis Watts. . . . The Santa Cruz Sentinel noted that a composition by assistant professor of music Paul Nauert was a highlight of a CD-release concert by New Music Works.

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