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Web: Guidelines

General Guidelines

Please refrain from excessive use of technology that requires specific browsers, plug-ins, or bandwidth. Remember, not everyone has a fast connection, fast computer, large screen or the latest browser

In addition, repetitive animated images, large images, excessively long pages, and pages with poor contrast between text and background color are highly discouraged. Adhering to these other details provided in this section will help unify the presentation of campus information and enable your visitors to easily find what they seek.


  • Include UC Santa Cruz and department name affiliation in page content.
  • Include a contact name and email address for the page owner.
  • Provide a link back to UCSC home page ( in addition to your Division home page.
  • Develop a layout and organization that is easy to understand.
  • Keep text clear, concise, and readable.
  • Make link text meaningful using key words, not "click here".