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September 11, 2001

Counseling services available to members of UCSC community

By Jennifer McNulty

Crisis counseling and support is available to all UCSC staff, faculty, and students, said Max Camarillo, director of Counseling and Psychological Services on campus.

Feelings of distress are "absolutely natural," in light of the attacks, said Camarillo, who described possible responses as feelings of anxiety and/or anger, having problems concentrating, having nightmares, and experiencing intrusive or unwelcome thoughts. "All these feelings are normal in an abnormal situation like this," he added.

"We are convening debriefings, and anyone who is concerned about a student or staff member can call us," said Camarillo. Debriefings are structured meetings to allow people to talk about how a traumatic event has affected them, he explained, adding that his staff has preempted all residential life trainings scheduled for this week.

"We've postponed that training to prepare our staff to help any distressed students who will be arriving this weekend," said Camarillo. "We're devoting the rest of the week to debriefings. Everything else has been postponed."

Call Counseling and Psychological Services at (831) 459-2628.

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