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May 21, 2001

Book collection contest winners named

By John Newman

I don't know why people are always snooping in each other's bathroom medicine cabinets; looking at somebody's bookshelves always seemed to me a lot more interesting--and a lot more revealing.
Book collection winners include: in back row, from left, Graham Lee, Ryan Kuratomi, Remi Le Boeuf, Andy Malsbary, Abbie Schindler, Hannah Cooperman, Marisa Traylor. In the middle row are Julia Rose Ando, Sean Winslow, Sarah Avary, Leslie McNiesh, Nicole Orgain. In front: Mary Carmen Rodriguez Hernandez, Andrea Kippes

You don't have to do your snooping behind locked doors either; in fact, sometimes it's intentionally put on display, like it was at the 35th Annual Book Collection Contest, sponsored by the Friends of the UCSC Library.

Awards for the best book collection were presented in three separate categories: UCSC students, high school students in 9th and 10th grades, and high school students in 11th and 12th grades.

University entrants are eligible with a collection of 25 books or more. High school entrants only need imagine their collections--describing a collection of books and materials that reflects their interest. All contestants must submit a bibliography and an essay describing the special value of their collections.

Winners were awarded a cash prize and matching-gift certificate from area bookstores. Collections are currently on display at the McHenry Library.

The UCSC winners are: Marisa Traylor of Oakes College and Sean Winslow of Cowell College, first-place tie; Andrea Kippes, second place, Merill College.

High school winners in grades 9 and 10 are: Remi LeBoeuf, first place, Pacific Collegiate; Leslie McNiesh of Pacific Collegiate and Taja Sophia Randick of Santa Cruz High School, second-place tie; Hannah Cooperman, Andy Malsbary, and Ryan Kuratomi, all of Pacific Collegiate, third-place tie; Graham Lee, honorable mention, SCHS, Nathaniel Chaney, honorable mention, Pacific Collegiate.

Winners in grades 11 and 12 are: Sarah Avary, first place, SCHS; Abbie Schindler, second place, SCHS; Julia Rose Ando and Nicole Orgain, third-place tie, both of SCHS; Mary Carmen Rodriguez Hernandez, honorable mention, Pacific Collegiate; Laura Brogan, Julia Cato, and Sarah Curtin, honorable mentions, all of SCHS.

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