Office of Campus Counsel

200 Clark Kerr Hall
University of California
Santa Cruz, CA 95064
Phone: 831-459-1848
FAX: 831-459-1910



About the Office of Campus Counsel

The Office of General Counsel supports the mission and purpose of the University of California, Santa Cruz and the system wide Office of General Counsel.  Acting in an advisory role as Chief Campus Counsel and Associate General Counsel, Michael A. Troncoso reports to Chancellor Blumenthal and to General Counsel and Vice President of Legal Affairs, Charles F. Robinson, for The Regents of the University of California.

Chief Campus Counsel Michael A. Troncoso provides legal advice and assistance on a wide range of matters affecting faculty, students and staff in many areas, including student affairs, labor and employment, affirmative action, faculty issues, research, business, academic affairs and compliance, as well as regulations and policies of The Regents.  Michael A. Troncoso provides coordination and liaison with lawyers in the Oakland Office of General Counsel and outside counsel engaged on behalf of the Campus.

Please note, however, that the Office of Campus Counsel does not provide personal legal advice to University faculty, staff or students.

  • If you are a staff or faculty member seeking consult with an attorney regarding a personal matter you may wish to call the State Bar of California at (415) 538-2000 or access their website: for attorney referrals.  In addition all employees who are eligible for benefits may enroll in legal coverage.  For information about the Legal Plan, please see the UCNet website.
  • The Student Judicial Affairs office is responsible for the overall coordination of the student conduct process and policies on campus.  This includes the interpretation of policies from UC General Counsel as well as federal and state laws that may apply to students.  The director works closely with the colleges, residential life staff, campus police, the Title IX/Sexual Harassment Officer and other important resources on campus.